Map of Social and Environmental Innovations in Rio de Janeiro

Map of Innovations


A journalism, data and research laboratory in the Maré favela. At the centre of the conceptual framing of their work is the question of how data and narratives shape the image and reputation of cities, neighbourhoods and their inhabitants.

iWastes - Inteligência Ambiental

A technology company focused on environmental issues and which was built to solve a problem common to all companies: the correct and efficient management of waste, contributing to protection of the environment.

Plêiades.P2P - Ciência Cidadã no RJ.

A free open learning project, which curates, edits, publishes and disseminates  citizen science guides in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Penha Verde

Initiative creating  protective seedling banks made from reused pallets. In addition to a public seedling bank, it protects tree seedlings in flowerbeds in large cities.


Descrição: Mapeamento cidadão de queixas referentes a saneamento básico no complexo da maré.

Horta do Vinil

This  is a community garden in the neighbourhood of Barra da Tijuca, founded and maintained by volunteers who are  residents and  believe in the philosophy of “living well in big cities”. They  work on agro-ecology principles.

Projeto Transforme Desenvolvimento Social E Humano

Descrição: Oferecer serviço social em comprometimento com a vida dos atendidos através de cuidados humano e qualificado no atendimento integrado com a comunidade e o entorno de uma forma sustentável. Trabalhamos com medidas estabelecidas para promover o equilíbrio e o bem estar da sociedade.

PretaLab (iniciativa do Olabi Makerspace)

This is an initiative aiming to encourage the inclusion of black and indigenous girls and women in the field of new technologies. They also undertake research into the representation, successes and challenges of black and indigenous girls and women working in this area.


An accelerator that brings together social and cultural entrepreneurs in a hub where they exchange, learn and co-create innovative solutions that improve life in cities and transform urban realities.

Think Blue

They create clothes made from reused jeans, thus producing pieces that have less impact on the environment. The team seeks to have a positive social impact on the lives of those involved in the production and purchase of the clothes.

CDD na Tela

This group offers training workshops in the areas of audio-visual and content production for online broadcasting. The workshops  are offered to young people from the community of Cidade de Deus, a favela/”slum” on the west side of the city.

This network seeks to promote and maintain links between different initiatives  in the Rocinha favela which focus on culture, health, education and popular history. It works particularly with  children, through playfulness, focusing on ensuring citizenship and basic rights.

Horta Comunitária e Tecnologias Sociais de Baixo Custo

An initiative which promotes  community gardens for educational purposes related to  environmental awareness in the favelas of Complexo do Alemão and Engenho da Rainha. It promotes both community cohesion and links to the  environment.

Movimento Preserva Laboriaux - Favela verde

Descrição: Favela Verde é uma organização brasileira fundada em 2011, atualmente situada na favela da Rocinha. Realizamos projetos socioambientais a través de processos de participação e inovação social, que objetivam a resiliência e a sustentabilidade urbana.

O Som Das Comunidades

A social project in Complexo do Turano, a favela (“slum”) in the city, whose objective is social inclusion through education and professionalization in the area of ​​music.


A global social gastronomy initiative which connects people, projects, companies, universities, international agencies, governments and civil society around the transformative power of food. The project argues that hunger, waste, lack of opportunities, obesity and malnutrition are global challenges that demand joint actions.

Bela Maré

A space for the creation and diffusion of art and culture, based on the creative outputs  of cultural groups and collectives located  in the Maré favela.

This network seeks to promote and maintain links between different initiatives  in the Rocinha favela which focus on culture, health, education and popular history. It works particularly with  children, through playfulness, focusing on ensuring citizenship and basic rights.

ECOM - Olhares da Maré

Offering photography workshops, this is a  video production laboratory for local artists from the Maré favela. He hosts the  “Cineminha no beco” cinema clubs for children and the “Cine cena de consumo” for adult audiences of Cracolândia.

Barkus Educacional

A social impact business that promotes inclusion and financial education in Brazil. The organization develops active learning methodologies for different age groups.

Casa Brota

A co-working space inside the Complexo do Alemão favela. A space for entertainment, technology, innovation and accommodation for local entrepreneurs.

Coletivo Papo Reto

This is an independent communication collective made up of  young people living in the favelas of Complexo do Alemão and Penha. They organise collective action  in the communities and bring information to the local population.


This is  a system of solidary hitchhiking, made up of  hitchhiking points spread out over  the campuses of partner universities as well as  a mobile application exclusive to the academic community of these institutions (students, faculty  and service staff).

Rede Caxias Criativa

A space for the community of people interested in strengthening the creative economy through actions of innovation and creativity for Duque de Caxias!

Additional descriptions of innovations that are not on the map:

There are several initiatives that have no specific headquarters. Therefore, they are listed below. You will find a brief description and contact information if you want to know more.


social E digital

A digital collection that gathers audiovisual records of cultural relevance, focusing on  black culture.

Aula de DJ com DJ Grandmaster Raphael

social E digital

Free technical lessons in DJing  in  funk music , located in  the Jacarepaguá neighbourhood. Creation of  didactic content for the internet.

Bienal do Livro da Quebrada


An initiative which takes  literature to the favelas and organises  literary events that speak in  the language of those who had and are denied access to such events. They problematise the fact that literary events normally take place far away from the favelas.

Cine Clube Mate com Angu


This is an audio-visual collective from the Baixada Fluminense. The group is united in the  desire to provoke the production / exhibition of images and amplify their social and aesthetic implications as they form part of the  region’s reality and way of life.


ambiental E digital

An initiative designing  a mobile application with the objective of creating a “garbage map” of the city of São Gonçalo, in the State of Rio. The  user can register  markers by geolocation which help draw attention to locations where there is a lack of garbage collection or open dumps.

Criança e Natureza


The project seeks to create conditions that favour the child’s connection with nature, for the well-being of children and for the health of the planet.



Open and free distance education initiative l with accessibility in Brazilian Sign Language for elementary and high school students.

Ecosia no Rio

ambiental e digital

This is an online search tool, like Google, which allocates 80% of its  profits  every month to reforestation projects around the world, including in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

GoLocal; Experiências que Transformam

Social, Ambiental e Digital

A travel platform with purpose, that is, trips that have a positive impact on the lives of those who travel and those who receive the traveller, through interaction with local projects.

Guia Cultural de Favelas

Social, Ambiental e Digital

A guide collating the cultural practices in the favelas. ** Updated until 2014


Social, Ambiental e Digital

A social innovation agency which creates value for companies through social initiatives.

Milhas pela vida das mulheres

Social e Digital

An initiative to support women seeking  safe and legal abortions outside Brazil.

Nossas/ Meu Rio

Social e Digital

A technology laboratory for activists that creates new ways for people to influence and reframe politics through civic technology. They have several projects, such as Meu Rio, a multi-cause mobilization network for direct political influence.

Escola Permacultural

ambiental e social

An Initiative which develops pedagogical practices and innovative actions seeking balance between society and the environment. The Permacultural School focuses on the  integration  of  permaculture and agroecology in the curriculum of public schools on the outskirts of the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Social e Digital

Free educational blockchain technology training programme aimed at low-income people, with the objective of training professional programmers at an international level, to work for  global companies in the partner portfolio.


Social e Digital

This is an online and collaborative platform that brings together  like-minded initiatives and events related to social and environmental causes in Rio de Janeiro.

2vis Educação

ambiental e social

Project that brings together students from public and private schools so that together they identify a local problem based on the SDGs – sustainable development goals,  and work on a solution together. 

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