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MAISRio project is a joint research project between the University of Sheffield and the Federal Univerity of Rio de Janeiro, carried out in collaboration with civil society partners both in Brazil and Sheffield. The project is funded by Global Challenge Research Fund, a sustainable partnership award, to map out a research agenda and potential co-production sites for social and environmental innovation in true partnership with a research leader from the global South. Through the mapping process we will also identify potential civil society partners and community spaces for future joint action research projects on social innovation.

Brazil is a heavyweight in Southern theory in the areas of participatory practice (e.g. Paulo Freire), social innovation, critical theory, and co-production. Both UFRJ and Sheffield hold similar values and missions as research-intensive civic universities. This key partnership furthers SIID’s strategy to diversify knowledge, decolonise the curriculum and bring in Southern Theory into the centre of academic investigation of international development.

The project involves a combination of academic and civil society partners.

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
The University of Sheffield
Sheffield Institute for International Development
Global Challenge Research Fund
Preta Lab

Key Partners